Everyone has only one life and there is no guarantee of it.😊

As far as I know about life that –

तीन अक्षरों की होती है जिदंगी,

फिर भी जीते जी बहुत कुछ सिखा देती है जिदंगी!

कहने को तो सबकी अपनी होती है जिदंगी ,

लेकिन अपनी होकर भी अपनी नहीं होती है जिदंगी!

सबसे बड़ा धोका हमे देती है जिदंगी ,

जीते जी हमारा साथ देती है ,

लेकिन मरते ही हमसे मुँह मोङ लेती है जिदंगी!

ढाई अक्षर के शब्द ‘जन्म’ से शुरू होकर ,

ढाई अक्षर के शब्द ‘ मृत्यु’ पर खत्म हो जाती है जिदंगी!

भगवान का दिया हुआ वो अनमोल तोहफा है जिदंगी ,

जो एक दिन हमसे छिने जाने पर हमे राख बना देती है जिदंगी!

इतना जानते हुए भी शायद अभी तक जिदंगी को ठीक से समझ नहीं पाई हूँ!😇😇

There is not valid time of life, and our soul can leave us anytime, anywhere, without informing us. So just live your life with full of love and enjoy.😍😊


Today I realised that, everything is beautiful whatever we have.

We have to just see everything from our heart.❤

Sometimes we believe on that whatever we see from our eyes, but may be it can be wrong. So don’t judge anyone or anything on the basis of situations. Because situation is the only one thing which can make us a helpless person.

Whenever we judge someone then make sure that, firstly we have to be perfect person. Then only we can judge others.☺☺

A true love story💔💞

Once there was a boy whose name was Shine. He was an elementary and sentimental boy. He did numerous fun and he was cheerful. He used to go tuition with his friend. One day a new girl came over there, whose name was Naina. Shine and Naina became friends. After sometimes Shine felt that he loved Naina. He didn’t know that how he felt in her love. He rushed to his friend whose name was Ankit, and told him about Naina. Shine and Naina always met in tuition yet he didn’t tell her anything about his feelings. One day Ankit and Shine were sitting together at Ankit’s home. Ankit took Shine’s cell-phone without telling him and sent a message to Naina that” I love you”. Thereafter he told to Shine ” I sent a message to Naina and I said her ‘I love you’ from your cell-phone. Shine stunned and tensed too about her reply. Naina saw that message and replied “I’m sorry I can’t be your life partner because I can’t go against my parents”. Shine cried a lot . Next day again he sent same message to Naina “I love you”. She replied “can you wait for me?”

“Why not? I can wait whole life for you”.Shine replied.

One day yet again Shine purposed her and She accepted his purposal. Shine was merry and he was in 9th sky. After that everything was going good. They texting to each other as well as they met in tuition. They used to plan that whenever they would succeed in their lives then they would get married.

After 3 months…….

Naina started to ignoring Shine. He always asked from her “why are you ignoring me? Am I did something wrong?” ,but she didn’t say anything. One day Naina said to Shine that ” now I can’t be your girl friend”. Shine shocked and asked her”why?”. She said “man bhar gya hai”. Shine cried a lot and whispered ” in love how can we say like that. I know something wrong happened with her that’s why she is saying like that”.

After that Naina blocked Shine and everything got Over but still Shine is waiting for Naina. He thinks one day she’ll come.

I don’t know why did she do this but I know something wrong thing happened with her therefore she left Shine.

I’ll pray to god ,one day she’ll come to you.😊

Can we purchase everything by money?

As far as I concerned nowadays by money we can purchase everything except one thing.

There was a man who was wealthy and supercilious too. He had a daughter to whom he loved a lot. He used to speak to his daughter “wish whatever you want because I have money in great quantity. You know what? By money I can puchase everything for you”. One day when his daughter was child, she wished for knowledge. Then her father bought not only numerous books but also an educator for her. That’s how he bought knowledge by money. After some years when his daughter grown up, she wished for a boy to whom she used to one side love. But the boy was destitute and his mother was ill too. He needed money for his mother’s treatment. So her father bought that boy for his daughter. The boy didn’t love her yet he got married with her because of money. That’s how her father bought person by money. When he obtained that the boy doesn’t love his daughter, he yielded a threat to boy. He said “love my daughter otherwise I’ll not yield money for any treatment of your mother’s. Therefore the boy started to love his wife. That’s how her father bought feelings by money. After few years later the girl attacked with a high dicease. She could not sleep because of her dicease. Thereafter her father bought sleeping pills for her. So she could sleep with the help of those pills. That’s how her father bought sleep by money. One day during the treatment she got dead. Her father was weeping too much for her and he was talking with her dead body. He was saying “what happened to you my dear? Please wake up for me and wish for something else”. Meanwhile her husband came and he said to him “yes you can purchase everything for your daughter. Now she is wishing for her life. Can you give her? Can you purchase life for her by your money? I know you can’t”.

So nowadays we can purchase everything (like knowledge, person, sleep, and feelings as well) except life. Life is too precious and no one can purchase it.


When I look at any parents then I obtain that only they are the one who can renouncement more than everybody on this earth. As far as I know they desert everything for their brood even their life also.

Once there was a boy who lived with his parents. They were destitute. His father was blind. The boy was irresponsible and an idle -good for nothing. He used to smoke and abused his parents a lot. But his parents were benevolent. They always caress of his son. One day the boy attacked with disease. His parents admitted him in a hospital. His mother did everything for his son whatever she could. Soon he got well because of his mother. He discharged from hospital. He came at his home and he examined that his mother was not there and his father was sobbing. He asked his father about mother. “She is no more!” his father answered. “Fantastic” replied the boy. His father astonished and shouted to his son “HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? She died because of you. Doctors announced that your heart is not working then she yeilded you her heart. When you were child, I yeilded my eyes to you. Still now I am blind because of you. Tell me is it fantastic for you? Now you have to tell me that what did you yeild us except swear words?” The boy repented on his folly. He realized the value of parents, but it was too late. Thereafter he was caring of his father and he was yearning for his mother.

Really, parents are the great sacrificer on the eath.

I just want to say them thanks a lot for every thing.